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SERENATE was a strategic study aiming at providing input to the European Commission on initiatives targeted to keep the evolution of the European research networking at the forefront of world-wide development. The SERENATE project started in May 2002 and was completed in December 2003.

The study developed cost-estimates for the networking scenarios outlined in the eEurope Action Plan. The results of the study are also important for the development of future strategies by national governments and funding bodies, by the management of universities and national research and education networks.

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  • See the Overview page for information on the objectives and activities of the SERENATE project.
  • The Partners page lists the organisations in the SERENATE project consortium.
  • SERENATE press releases, public deliverables and presentations were made available in the Publications section.
  • The Workshops page lists the SERENATE workshops.
  • A Steering Committee was in charge of the overall project managent.
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