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Presentations from the SERENATE Final Workshop

Bad Nauheim, 16-17 June 2003

Assumptions David Williams
Summary of findings and recommendations David Williams
Whither......? Dai Davies
SERENATE findings on requirements of researchers, and recommendationsIan Butterworth
SERENATE D10: a brief critique Saleem Bhatti
European Science Foundations E-STAR Martin Füllekrug
Comments on the networking needs of users in the European research community Marie-Madeleine Martinet
Social science perspective - a short critique of SERENATE D10Ekkehard Mochmann
SERENATE findings on geographic issues Marko Bonac
Ways and means of seeing the light Valentino Cavalli
Evolution of the infrastructure market Knud Erik Skouby
Connecting schools in Denmark Kurt Bøge
Connecting schools: the Portugese experience Pedro Veiga
The content loop Dany Vandromme
Broadening the use of JANET to other communities Robin Arak
Wat about "non-traditional" users? Sabine Jaume-Rajaonia
Networking costs: estimation of costs for campuses Jean-Paul le Guigner
Cost of upgrades of national and international infrastructures Dai Davies
Report from breakout group 1 Shirley Wood
Report from breakout group 2 Dale Robertson
Report from breakout group 3 Valentino Cavalli
Report from breakout group 1Dan Saugstrup
Outcomes and follow-upDavid Williams

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