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Presentations from the SERENATE End-Users Workshop

Montpellier, 17-19 January 2003

The Grid Innovation CentrePhilippe Bricard
What is SERENATE and why?David Williams
GEANT and the way aheadDai Davies
The 'end-user' surveyIan Butterworth

End-user views and perspectives:
Particle PhysicsMatthias Kaseman
Social SciencesEkkehard Mochmann
HumanitiesMarie-Madeleine Martinet
MediaKim Veltman
Bio-informaticsMichael Marron
Non-research usersSabine Jaume
Libraries (text of speech)Raf Dekeyser

User views from outside Western EuropeMarko Bonac
Presentation from the European CommissionAntonella Karlson

Workshop participants' contributions:
Workshop conclusions:

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