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Presentations from the SERENATE NREN Workshop

Noordwijkerhout, 4-5 February 2003

Geographical issuesMarko Bonac

IntroductionDavid Williams
Present status of international connectivityDai Davies
Development of the regulatory situationClaire Milne
Case studies of alternative models of infrastructure acquisitionKrud Erik Skouby
The Stokab modelHans Carlsson
How CESNET got access to dark fibresJan Gruntorad
"A litiguous incumbent and a cautious regulator"Marko Bonac
European Investment Bank support opportunitiesTom Barrett
NREN Users outside the research communitySabine Jaume-Rajaonia
The requirements of researchers using networksKarel Vietsch
Availability and charactaristics of equipment for very high speed networksValentino Cavalli
The new complexity of networkingDai Davies

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